Renew Me! *|75 min

If you are a NEW CLIENT facial appointment, please choose this option and your esthetician will help determine which facial is best suited for your skin type.
*Price will vary depending upon the type of facial your esthetician recommends

Rejuvenate Me! $125|60 min

Specifically anti-aging; you will be amazed at how your skin will glow after this facial. Followed by a deep penetration of rejuvenating serums deep within the skin for younger looking skin and finished by a hydrating mask to squelch fine lines. A particularly great facial for upcoming special events.

Hydrate Me! $125|60 min

Dry skin causes premature aging, fine lines, and dullness. If you’re feeling dry, flaky or lackluster, try this intensely hydrating facial treatment.

Glow Me! $135|60 min

Ideal for improving the appearance of uneven pigmentation, dull skin tone and age spots. Revitalize and repair your skin with an exclusive blend of potent vitamin C and skin smoothing enzymes. Perfect for all skin types-reduces inflammation and noticeably brightens skin and reveals a healthy, luminous glow.

Oxygenate Me! $125|60 min

Oxygen is vital to life and even better for the skin! Breathe new life and radiance into the skin with this oxygen treatment for ultimate vibrancy and skin health. Decongests, hydrates, tightens pores, improves texture and tone. Skin looks youthful and rested with a superb glow. Warning: this treatment is addictive!

Clear Me! $125 60 min

This purifying facial deep cleans while soothing the inflammation associated with oily or congested skin.  Fruit acids and nutrient rich mud are used to exfoliate and eliminate impurities leaving pores visibly smaller while natural plant extracts soothe and rebalance the skin. Additional time is spent on extractions to ensure a clean result.

 Calm Me! $125|60 min

Our soothing facial calms the skin, decreases irritation and reduces redness. Each treatment is customized to your sensitive skin, and combined with gentle exfoliation to boost cell production.

Beautifying Back Facial $150|60 min

Give your back the attention it deserves with this ultra-pampering treatment. After a deep cleansing, exfoliation, massage, and purifying mask, you will be able to bare your back with confidence!